Xbox 360 froze while updating haitian women dating site

If the CPU is forced to read more data than it can handle in a cycle it starts "missing cycles", which means it starts missing actions it should be taking. I know that the cumulative size of the updates are what is causing the freezing, because my fix reduces the size of the updates and cures the problem.This can lead to all sorts of bad side effects, including freezing. But this is where I have to do a little guessing about exactly why the freezing is happening.The core of our system, the Red Light Fix Repair e Book is your ticket to a fixed and just-like-new Xbox 360. Packed with oversized full-color photos documenting every single step of the process.

Pristine, hi-def video to show you every tiny little detail. Superior Member Technical Support - My mission: to leave no customer behind.

Nearly every Xbox 360 gamer who approaches their ring of death repair with my e Book and videos - finds that the book and videos explain it all.

I fixed it by playing a game that I knew had a lot of huge updates and would force the BF4 updates out of the cache. I fired up BF4, and the 360 went looking for BF4 updates, found update eight, and moved it into the cache.

Since then I've played five hours total without freezing.

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Or perhaps you want extra clarification to make dead certain that your ring of death fix is staying on course?

Two and a half hours in a row yesterday and two and a half hours today.

Including a complete rotation through the Second Assault maps. Clearing the cache forces you to redownload all updates, but it can also break game--especially older ones--where the devs put the save files or part of the program code in the cache. If your BF4 freezes the 360, give this a try and let me know how it worked.

Thanks for the info, but quick question (might be a dumb one) when playing BF3 to get the BF4 updates out of the cache, do you have to be online? just because I don't know if it would still move the BF3 multiplayer updates into the cache if you are offline.

I was getting a lot of freezes and 'disc unreadable errors' ...

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