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Over the years, Rebecca has gained her audience’s trust, so they open up to her with issues that they’ve never spoken of before. It is intended for general information and entertainment only.

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Rebecca Rosenblat - Certified Psychotherapist, Relationship and Sexuality Therapist, Educator, Life Coach, Talk Show Host, Author, Advice Columnist, and Lecturer - has changed the lives of millions, through her direct, to-the-point advice on issues that hit the heart, gut, and groin for most people.

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In addition to the free e-books, the site provides dating articles, dating site reviews, reviews of books on the subjects of dating, relationships, and sex, and a directory of dating-related websites. For more information about Dr’s free e-book series, please visit

A dating forum is also available on the site, to allow visitors to discuss a variety of topics, such as their experience with particular dating services, tips for writing dating profiles, and to share general advice and experiences on dating and relationships. Dr strives to be one of the most complete dating and relationship resource sites available on the Web, by providing a wide variety of free articles, free and paid e-books, a dating link directory, forum, and other resources to visitors looking for advice on love, sex, and dating. David Hayden can be reached at 44 1245 609548 to answer any questions.

We offer the finest in kosher coffee, chocolates, candy, condiments, cookies, dried fruits and nuts and gift baskets. a project of Sasson V'Simcha, The Center For Jewish Marriage, Inc., contains articles and tips to help single Jewish men and women date more effectively and achieve their goals of marriage.

It also contains suggestions for singles' groups, a matchmaker list, advice for matchmakers, and information about workshops and seminars for singles, people who care about them, matchmakers and dating mentors.

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