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I power cycled my router once more, I confirmed the DNS settings, I ensured there was nothing between the Wii U and the router and the Wii U. Question: How Do I Fix Error #002 on a Homebrewed Nintendo Wii When starting a Wii game, I get this message on a blue screen:"Error #002An error has occurred.The update fails and the message reads as follows: Unable to connect to the server. Almost immediately I assumed that this error was my fault, not Nintendo’s. I listened to a few minutes of the Hyrule Field theme from before the support specialist was connected.

The Wii is a gaming console designed, manufactured and sold by Nintendo. A new system update is available now for your Wii U. Nov 19, 2014 · Nintendo is preparing a new system update for its Wii U console to fix a specific bug with You Tube connectivity. Wii OS is a set of updatable firmware versions, and a software frontend on the Wii video game console.

Wii U system software is the official firmware version and operating system for Nintendo’s Wii U game console.

For the most part, the following 2 actions should resolve these errors and allow your Wii to download its updates; 1) Change the MTU settings on your Wii Internet Setup (Advanced option) to be 1400. 2) Decrease the firewall setting on your router/firewall.

Netgear devies usually provide 3 levels of firewalling.

If this still doesn’t work, or you can’t change your firewall settings, you can reserve an IP address for your Wii (or setup a static IP address on it), and then configure the Wii’s IP address to be part of the DMZ.

This should also provide a valid work around for the problem.

This time, the update was meant to bring this, according to Nintendo’s support page: This is the second public update, and it brings the Wii U’s system software to version 2.1.0 U.

Here’s the thing, since December 4th at around 8am EST, I’ve been trying to update my Wii U to version 2.1.0 U.

That update brought in features like the e Shop, Wii U Chat, Download Management and the Miiverse.

Basically, it took the Wii U and brought it close to its promised feature set at launch. On December 4th, 2012, Nintendo pushed out another mandatory update.

It is therefore somewhat frustrating when you have completed the Internet connection, yet still cannot perform a system update without getting some sort of weird error message.

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