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They know that it’s culture—the values, norms, unconscious messages, and subtle behaviors of leaders and employees—that often limits performance.

These invisible forces are responsible for the fact that 70% of all organizational change efforts fail. Design the interplay between the company’s explicit strategies with the ways people actually relate to one another and to the organization.

Validating quicken file

So using time wisely creates a major incentive to get more time to play with (hopefully wisely).

Providing "free" time for employees to experiment with new technologies, products, or processes can catalyze the next big thing.

Giving up control when the pressure is greatest is the ultimate innovation paradox.

That’s why iconic brands like 3M and Google give their employees about 10% "free time" to experiment with new ideas.

Several members of Colgate-Palmolive’s Global R&D group initiated a "recognition economy" by distributing symbolic wooden nickels to colleagues who had made noteworthy contributions to their projects.

The fortunate recipients didn’t hoard their winnings.There are some pretty good off-the-shelf tools that can help build employee skill sets.Some of the best are freely available, such as the Stanford Design School’s Boot Camp Bootleg.Every organization is designed to get the results it gets.Poor performance comes from a poorly designed organization.Superior results emerge when strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems fire on all cylinders in symphonic unison.

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