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The GNOME 2.20 update also includes a huge change in the Free BSD GNOME hierarchy.We are now using the more standard DATADIR of $/share rather than $/share/gnome.


It ships with perl version 5.8 which does not allow nested regex quantifiers.

You first need to upgrade perl to 5.10 or higher, I chose the 5.10 branch, following the commands as listed in /usr/ports/UPDATING at 20090328.

Read More July 22, 2005 Posted in PHP When something strange happens to a third-party PHP script, I often have no idea where to start to fix the problems.

I find PHP code debugging is an effective way even the error message may suggest a system configuration problem.

The result is that fewer patches and hacks are needed to port GNOME components to Free BSD.

This will mean some user changes may be required, so be sure to read /usr/ports/UPDATING for more details.

If you need to upgrade to PHP 5.3.x, make sure you read March 8, 2008 Posted in PHP There is really no any reason to continue using PHP 4 and My SQL 4 except being lazy.

The upgrade was quite smooth and took about 1.5 hours including compiling time.

It looks for a file named .selectwmrc in the user's directory which contains a list of window managers.

When you start X it should show a list which lets you choose your window manager (by double clicking on it with the mouse or with the arrow keys and the return or space key). 1.12 date: 2007/10/24 ; author: marcus; state: Exp; lines: 2 -0 Presenting GNOME 2.20.1 and all related works for Free BSD.

The Free BSD GNOME team would also like to thank our various testers and contributors: Yasuda Keisuke Frank Jahnke Pawel Worach Brian Gruber Franz Klammer Yuri Pankov Nick Barkas Cristian KLEIN Tony Maher Scot Hetzel Martin Matuska (mm) Benoit Dejean Martin Wilke (miwi) (And anyone else I may have missed) PRs fixed in this release: 111272, 113470, 115995, 116338 ============================================================================= v.

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