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Below are steps on how to update the graph templates through use of the CLI. $ su Password : excel2 (Become a Super User) # cd /cacti-install (Go to cacti-install directory) # ./configure_(updates all graph templates) Warning: If the user edits a Cacti graph template via the Cacti Web Interface all the graphs that refer to this template will be broken.Graph templates should be edited on a separate machine via the Cacti interface or they should be edited via XML editor.

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offer commercial Cacti support not only for Cacti itself, but also for several of the plugins ( e.g. There’s going to be an on-demand solution in the future.

You can contact us for more details using the contact form.

Hello, I have recently done a migration of my cacti server to a new machine.

Everything has migrated fine, except now I notice my RRD graphs are no longer updating.

Those "ok" messages are output by rrdtool commands. They will be printed to the log only when using higher debugging levels as given by the debugging guide. The cron poller entry was pointing to /cacti/lib/, but i changed it to /cacti/The two files are different and I'm not sure why it exists in two locations. This whole process was somewhat confusing, but Gandalf I thank you for offering your help.

So I really require access to such a log (a single run would be ok). I had to cut the in half because pastebin said it was too large : D97: QBoth are now with debug / developer logging enabled. Going through this process has enlightened me towards more in-depth troubleshooting for cacti in general. Dear Gandalf, Even I am facing somewhat similar problem.

I have followed the troubleshooting documentation and everything (permissions, mysql, etc) checked out EXCEPT i cannot see any "rrdtool update" statements, as one of the steps on the troubleshooting documentation says to check the for that : Data Source Debug/usr/bin/rrdtool create \/usr/local/cacti-0.8.7g/rra/web2-1_cpu_378\--step 300 \DS:cpu: GAUGE:600:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5:0 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.5 \RRA: AVERAGE:0.7 \RRA: MAX:0.5:0 \RRA: MAX:0.5:0 \RRA: MAX:0.5 \RRA: MAX:0.7 \Does anyone have suggestions?

The troubleshooting documentation at docs.don't mention what you should do next if rrdtool isnt updating , after checking the file.

What doesnt graph is hard drive usage (hdtotal/hdfreespace) on windows or linux boxes Windows servers will only graph network stats not hd/cpu.

I followed the upgrade instructions here - Cacti Server; Linux Red Hat server RHEL4connect to mysql Not using custom scripts basically inbuilt server (index) scripts.

So future updates for any of them will be much much easier.


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