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Our couples are all at a crossroads and need to decide if they're in it for the long haul, or should call it quits for good.

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after all, who better than straight talking, tough love giving Steve Ward to push couples toward the final leap in love?

I know you are saying to yourself, “Online dating is tough.” Well, that’s why you need to tackle it with tough love. You’ve got to keep yourself motivated and stay in the game.

At the end of boot camp, Steve will deliver his verdict on whether or not this couple is a good match and should get engaged or break up once and for all.

Steve will make his opinion known, but ultimately it's up to the couples to decide to commit or acquit - the fate of six romances makes this a season finale unlike anything you've ever seen before!

With over the top challenges that push and pry at every issue, and honest feedback that forces lovers to tell the truth about every aspect of their relationship, Tough Love Couples will be a grueling yet transformational process.

Some couples will be forced to see that their relationship has serious problems that cannot be solved, and will finally have the peace of mind to break up for good and get on with their separate lives.

Too often you get into a pity party about what’s not happening with online dating and you quit.

It’s really hard to make online dating work when you are constantly quitting.

Yes, I mean that “really in love” state, not the one where you love her but you’re not IN LOVE with her.

If you’re in your 30s, that’s one love for every 15 years of your life.

The most important thing is not to feel used and not to feel obligated to do stuff with someone who you don't think is interested in you the same way.


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