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If there is an event, there is a higher number of men who will purchase," she explained.Nationwide, law enforcement has noticed as the date of a major sporting event nears, ads for escorts and commercial sex services increase on a weekly basis.“You’re still trying to understand what the job is about.” Katie Kays, who’s been camming for about a year (she’s 19 now, and started just after turning 18) charges .99 per minute, plus “a couple dollars extra” if viewers want to be able to talk to her, in addition to watching.

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Top webcam girl darksecret

Along with the tailgates, the beers and the cheers, there is a seedy business booming out of sight."I reached a point where I was ready to live. After 10 years, Parle pulled herself out of the life of prostitution. After battling a heroin addiction and hitting rock bottom, Jessica picked herself up.

She was pulled in, when she was just 18 years old."At the end I was suicidal. She is now an advocate at Veronica's Voice, a Kansas City home that helps survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking get back on their feet."It's just a vicious cycle.

High flying: Little Red Bunny (pictured) is one of the top-earning cam girls on the internet, raking in up to $4.99 per minute - which can potentially add up to an impressive yearly salary of about $1million 'I know some girls [ask for tips],' she said. I just have fun, and I give myself 100 percent in free chat. what's important is [viewers] have a good time.'Katie Kays, a 19-year-old student studying early childhood development, launched her camming career a year ago.

She charges $2.99 per minute for her shows, and 'a couple dollars extra' if the viewers want to chat to her.'Sometimes I get tips in free chat because people like to,' she said.

She won’t tell us exactly how much she makes per month, but we know she’s been one of Live Jasmin’s top earners for a long time. “Most of my expenses go to [camming] — you have to upgrade your computer, you have to have the fastest Internet speed … Besides that, my biggest treat is just, ‘Let’s have a night out. I’ve always been simple, and it’s important to remain who I am.” Part of Little Red Bunny’s hesitation to spend extravagantly, we expect, is that she’s also very private about how, exactly, she’s earning all this money. ” With her desire to keep camming a secret, I was curious if she ever had problems filling out official documents, like taxes. “It’s easy,” Litte Red Bunny said, “You’re basically self-employed. I’m a self employee, I have my own business.” Sometimes she’ll also list her occupation as “performer” on official documents. there’s always a little thing, because for any self-employee it’s always harder,” she said.

I’m gonna have a good meal.'” “So you just save it all? “They don’t know where money’s coming from,” she said, referring to when she goes out to eat with family. “Beyond that, it’s just the same.” Katie Kays also stayed quiet about exactly how much she was earning, but she did give me a clue. “It puts me through college without student loans.” She’s currently at university in Pennsylvania studying early childhood development, and plans to continue camming until she finishes college.

Um, what was the point of having a normal day job, again?

When I called up high-earning cam girls Little Red Bunny and Katie Kays, I was hoping they’d tell me scandalous tales of throwing lavish parties and taking over-the-top vacations.

(WDAF) -- It's fathers, uncles, pastors and teachers who look for something else when they go to an out of town sporting event, like the divisional playoff in KC this past weekend.

That, according to a former prostitute who told FOX 4 her story.

The earnings can add up if, like Little Red Bunny, your private sessions last up to 19 hours.


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