Top 10 adult mobile chat

Every app is similar but has distinct character attached to it which makes it a success. User can use custom wallpaper, landscape mode and chat history. imo messenger This multi-protocol IM has a lot to offer such as free high quality voice calls, better messaging experience.

Chat within your friend circle with group chat and picture share, turn this app into walkie talkie with support from Facebook Chat, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! If your device supports location service, use this app to share your location with friends.

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The network is operated by Microsoft and it features file sharing and videoconferencing.

Skype to Skype calls are free over 3G and Wi Fi, while calling to landline and mobile phone are charged via debit based account system.

It’s popularity significantly rose manifolds that some people even started saying Whats App has done same to SMS what Skype did to international calling on landline(provided it’s free).

Unlike BBM service of Black Berry, it’s available on many and almost every platform like Windows, IOS, Symbian, Black Berry and it’s free on many OS but also paid in some of them.

Features like group chat and sharing location and status has also done wonders to this app. Developed by Viber Media, it is a proprietary cross platform messaging and voice over internet protocol designed for Black Berry, Windows, Mac, Android, i OS, Symbian, BADA and recently launched its desktop version which syncs your contacts from your smartphone device and allows user to chat through desktop without using the smartphone.

It has 200 million users worldwide which works on both Wi Fi and 3G.

A good app for text lovers who like to stay connected to people around them with super cool features.

Make voice calls and instant messages to anyone on Skype which supports many platforms like Android, i OS and personal computers.

Some of its best feature includes simultaneous chat or IM with the friends on the given networks, it continuously runs in the background so that you don’t miss any messages.

The data sent by the user is sent over the internet , not as a SMS which is why this service is free to use.

Black Berry version was made available in October 2012.


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