The math behind radioactive carbon dating Hotnaked girls phone chat

Scientific calculations, however, adjust for these minor inaccuracies.

Despite its limitations, carbon dating has proven to be an extremely useful way to determine the age of important archaeological discoveries, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Iceman remains.

Libby and others (University of Chicago) devised a method of estimating the age of organic material based on the decay rate of carbon-14.

Carbon dating uses an exponential decay function, remaining in an object that is t years old.

In other words, this function takes in a number of years, t, as its input value and gives back an output value of the percentage of carbon-14 remaining.

So, if you were asked to find out carbon's half-life value (the time it takes to decrease to half of its original size), you'd solve for t number of years when in any remains will have broken down.

So, objects older than that do not contain enough of the isotope to be dated.

Carbon dating also does not work on fossils; usually they are too old, and they contain very little carbon.

In general, other factors, such as changes in solar radiation or the burning of fossil fuels, affect the accuracy of carbon dating procedures, because they cause fluctuations in the relatively constant cycle of in the atmosphere.

However, scientists totally ignored these items and simply gave a single date as if the skeleton, on the day he died, had been wrapped in plastic, frozen and protected from all kinds of moisture, heat and light.

By giving his bones a date of 9,000 years old, they are claiming to prove that Adam and Eve were not placed on this earth about 6,000 years ago, which would be the date a Bible scholar would pick for the creation of Adam and Eve.

First, scientists should do many experiments to try to understand just how significant a skeleton soaked in water (due to flooding of a river, flooding of a pond by rain, etc.) and other scenarios, affects the dating of organic matter.


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