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The dare was to at midnight, walk across the bridge and back.

There is a good 10 mile stretch in which several paranormal sightings have occurred.

“Dear Christian, I found my soul mate online!

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Also very faint whispers have been heard when being alone in the house. Now to this day everyday the lunch ladies fix salads they can hear that girl screaming for help in a low deep voice.

A long time ago back in the 80's a young girl hid from the teachers in the janitors closet. The KKK used to be active in this town, and they hung a black man off this bridge named Drummond.

As the most realistic story yet she will come and watch you sleep at night if you live on Loroe Lane.

She follows young kids around after dark She is known as the Antioch Deathkiller.He died about 20 yrs later but you can still see candlelight and hear him building on the house even during the day.One an old lady was killed by a coyote in the woods across the street from Loroe Lane.The house is said to have a very unnatural influence on many people.There have been reported sounds of guns being fired in the backyard, but no one being present.He and his wife believed that as long as they kept on working on the stone house that they would never die.


  1. Рассуждая о роли интернета для человечества и своей ответственности перед следующими поколениями, бизнесмен выразил надежду, что его пожертвования помогут "развивать человеческий потенциал, создавать равные условия для всех детей".

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