Template for updating contact details

Send Evernote notes to Smartsheet to create contact lists or archive thoughts and ideas.Import any Evernote attribute into Smartsheet, then share the details, assign accounts and use reminders for follow-up. Work with your team to update and manage contact details in Smartsheet and then export to Mail Chimp for your next campaign.

Allowable changes to the FCC Form 470 (Description of Services Requested and Certification Form) contact information will be processed once the ability to post an FCC Form 470 for the funding year referenced on the FCC Form 470 is no longer available.

To request a change of contact information on a specific form or other document submitted to USAC, send a request via your organization's email account or on your organization's letterhead to USAC detailing your request.

Initiates a new login session for the member with the specified email address.

Before you can use this method you’ll have to get in touch with us to obtain an Integrator ID.

Send an update request, a special email designed to allow anyone to update rows on your sheet.

Select one or more rows, then use the row menu to send a one-time or recurring request for regular updates.The templates found on the following page are provided as a convenience to help you with your Conference work.Applicants should follow these procedures to update contact information on file with USAC.If you have switched jobs or moved please let us know your updated contact information. Please note that this service will only be processed for current members in good standing.If you wish to become a member, select the Membership Application Form below.The template can of course be used as an RFP for any software product.


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