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Your ticket includes a cocktail to kick the evening off, birthday cake (by The Canvas Cafe), snacks and prizes to win.But most importantly you get the chance to meet 12 new like-minded people during classic speed dates and special slow dates! bananacap, Vegan Freakshake voucher, Podiumpants, A Bicycle Tour Voucher or ehm...someone.4) The abuser quickly defaults into the again to make up for their behavior.

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Dating violence crosses all socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, and religious lines. Offer to go with your friend for professional help.

Dating violence occurs in heterosexual and gay and lesbian relationships. Never put yourself in a dangerous situation with the victim’s partner.

Once the cycle is in place it becomes difficult to break.

Visually, the cycle shows the different stages and the roles that the abuser and victim take in each stage; it also visualizes the length of time of each stage.

Cycle of Domestic Violence Violence in the Suburbs Warning Signs Effects on Children Animal Abuse and DV Safety Planning What Prevents Victimsfrom Leaving Stopping Abuse About Batterers Elder Abuse Teen Dating Violence Bullying Legal Information Dating violence can occur between two people who are currently in a casual dating relationship or in a long-term serious relationship or who were formerly involved in a dating relationship.

In dating violence, one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other partner through abuse.This stage is based on one specific incident that leads to an explosion of anger.The abuser may sexually, physically, psychologically or verbally harm their partner.We give you a few minutes…A few more sleeps till our 3rd Birthday!Join us for a special night of Cycle Speed Dating at the Lmnh Cafe in Whitechapel.Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back. Develop a safety plan and rehearse what you will do if the abuser becomes abusive. Program participants develop leadership skills and learn to mentor and educate younger boys and girls on these issues.


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