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When I'm getting up, he's going to sleep." She added that the duo "make an effort.

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When it came to on-set snacks, Guzman always grabbed a Snicker’s bar, while Mc Cormick chose health-conscious bites, like grapes and coconut water.

Tackling a more serious topic, Guzman expressed his condolences for all those affected by the Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting. “It’s rough because we don’t know how much media plays into [events like that].” sequel was a much-needed break from silver screen violence.

Listen to the dulcet tones of Channing Tatum’s blaccent as he saunters past the camera in baggy pants and multiple layers of oversize t-shirts.

Jenna Dewan has a wardrobe filled with an unlimited supply of cowl necks, the official sweater of good rich girls, and Mario is rocking multicolored wool trilbys.

“It think it was something that was really necessary to happen when people were really afraid to go to the theaters,” said Mc Cormick.

“I think our movie is pretty fun,” Guzman explains. It’s a fun-loving movie.” Do you think Guzman could pull off Christian Grey?

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As far as how things happened between the two stars, Dove explained that "it was one of those natural evolutions.

In fact, on the whole, it’s a surprisingly chaste movie, on the PG side of PG-13.

As with Dewan, Tatum’s torso remains under wraps, and the peak of the movie’s central romance is a couple of tentative smooches.

It seems Dove and Thomas have found out what works for them — and lucky for us, that includes a bunch of really cute 'grams.


  1. Scarlett Johansson est diplômée en théâtre de la Professional Children's School de Manhattan en 2002.

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