Sprung the dating game ds walkthrough brett mariah carey and eminem dating pictures

The Item and Art Guides have been subsequently updated. 01/16/05: Just making more progress on the Walkthrough for Becky's Story.

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********** SPRUNG ********** For The Nintendo DS A FAQ/Walkthrough Written By: Fat Fatry Version: .95 Created On: 01/13/05 Last Updated On: 01/22/05 ---------------------------------------------- ********************** 1. I'm honestly not sure what would qualify as offensive language in some instances, so I'm playing it safe.

I may go back and add some detail on the less important branches if there's any interest.

@@@ and *** in the Walkthrough denote Golden Lines and Items, respectively.

Rundown: There are two ways to go, as the objective suggests. The end results will be the same if you pick one of these two sets of choices.

Golden Line: "You know, WTV has come a long way in terms of story development and production quality, Lucas." ========= ITEMS ========= DANNY'S NUMBER LUCAS' NUMBER DEVIL'S ZEPHYR COLOGNE BRONZE MEDAL ROSE POCKET KNIFE PEPPER SPRAY JOKE BOOK - The one about the guy with the 5 legs... Credits ---------------------------------------------- *************** 2. Update Log *************** 01/22/05: All scenes in Becky's Story, both Model and Waitress, are now included in her Walkthrough. Brett's Walkthrough is finished up to Cupid Behind The Scenes, and I've laid the groundwork for the Item and Art Guides. I'll try to add everything I've found into the FAQ as quickly as possible. Please note that there are often many ways to finish each individual level of Sprung, although they generally lead to the same conclusion. Table of Contents ********************** Use Ctrl F to skip to specific sections of the guide. Added two new pictures to the Art Guide and updated Credits. It's my first submission, so I hope it'll be up to par.


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