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Crescent Mountains Situated above Burnwood sits Crescent Mountains.

Starting at Buck Foothills, a place made famous by Buck Foothills View, long sweeping roads will take you deep into the mountains and give you spectacular views of the city below.

Head on over to South Port, the industrial hub of Ventura Bay.

Dominated by the VB Petrochemical Company and the San Pedro Docks, it won’t be fronting any tourism campaigns for Ventura Bay, but it’s the perfect place for those looking to get away from the inner city streets and let off some steam.

Or take a drive eastbound and you’ll find yourself at the Lone Palm Village Mall, with roads southbound slingshotting around Arcadia Park before leading into South Port.

South Port Looking to take advantage of some narrow roads?

Despite being the primary residential zone in the city, it’s best known for its commercial district and towering buildings which can be seen for miles across Ventura Bay.

Also to the West of Royal Park is GHOST Stadium, the perfect landmark for those looking to meet with their Crew before hitting the streets together.

With plenty to see, Ventura Bay is the perfect place for you to show off your skills and get the recognition and respect you deserve.

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