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I have recently subscribed to a site called “rentafriend” and I have been paying various girls by the hour just to spend time with me doing such things as shopping, dining at restaurants and going for drives.I was wondering if you would be interested in such an arrangement while you are here in Melbourne? I’m after a slow sensual massage with oil, long strokes under and over the body.

And, finally, you must really take a look at the photo: at the actresses, who, despite fat suits under their clothes, give rather the mental impression of being as hard-hitting as boxers. This is Sibylle Berg […], who always wrests a smile even from the ridiculous. Es sagt mir nichts das sogenannte Draußen is a wild picaresque about the sense of life in the centrifuge of the affluent society.

In its celebrative contradictoriness, Es sagt mir nichts das sogenannte Draußen is a screamingly funny evening. […] At times the text sounds like a column marathon, hyperbolic, in love with its own punchlines – but it sounds splendid. Ever since René Pollesch and Elfriede Jelinek, theatre people call this sort of thing ‘text areas’.

I’m a 30 yrs old professional travelling in n out of Victoria. We can have an easy coffee first n we go from there if both happy. Hi Jen, I have already sent a message to you about traveling together in my Mustang convertible (which is red with a white interior—the colors of the Canadian flag).

I have since realized that you are also wanting to earn some money while you are here to help cover your travel expenses.

I will pay for all travel expenses if you accept my offer. I am commissioned to do a photo shoot for a fetish gallery showing just legs and bums, no face. Hi Jen, I met up with 2 teenage German girls off Gumtree in September 2014 and they accepted my offer to drive them along the Great Ocean Road.

I paid for all our travel expenses which included a one night stay at the Great Ocean Road Tourist Park located in the town of Peterborough.

Mercilessly, and at the same time with great tenderness, Berg portrays four women in their early twenties, who, vacillating between aggression and apathy, awakening and disenchantment, are unsure what they should fight for, and for whom the word ‘we’ already evokes a warranted scepticism.

In many places, you think you hear the author as a fictional character, the pointed web analyst and SPON columnist Sibylle Berg, rather than an ‘angry young woman’ approximately in her mid-twenties.

She has, it is said, founded a flat share with two companions, ‘my self-assembled family’, and nonchalantly declares what they have (or perhaps would like to have) chalked up to their credit.


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