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The underlying cause and genetics of situs inversus are complex. In isolated situs inversus (occurring alone with no other abnormalities), there is a complete mirror image transposition of the thoracic (chest) and abdominal organs, and anterior-posterior (front-back) symmetry is normal.

Many affected people have no associated health issues when the condition is isolated.

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In isolated situs inversus, no treatment may be necessary.

When situs inversus is associated with another condition, treatment may depend on the associated condition and the signs and symptoms present in the affected person.

The long-term outlook (prognosis) for people with situs inversus depends on whether the condition is isolated, or is associated additional abnormalities affecting the heart or other parts of the body.

Isolated situs inversus has an excellent prognosis, typically with an uneventful prenatal and postnatal course.

A thorough physical examination, followed by radiographic imaging of the chest and abdomen and electrocardiography, identify most cases of situs inversus.

The main diagnostic challenge in affected people is the non-traditional presence of referred pain (pain felt in a different location than its source).

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Situs inversus is a condition in which the arrangement of the internal organs is a mirror image of normal anatomy.

When situs inversus is associated with an underlying condition or syndrome, the prognosis may depend on that of the underlying condition present.

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