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"I've made a huge mistake, a huge error in judgment.

"About a minute later the young lady comes out of the same toilet cubicle looking equally suspicious. my wife however is protesting that this is disgusting for a public figure to do.

"He essentially occupied a public cubicle reserved for the disabled for up to 10 minutes.

In a statement released by the NZ Rugby Union last night, Smith's girlfriend Teagan Voykovich asked that media not contact her or her family as they dealt with the situation ahead of them.

The statement said Voykovich was suffering from "some distress'' by attempts to contact her about the incident involving Smith and a mysterious woman in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport.

"And I think the [NZRU], coming off the back of a few other pretty poor PR issues in recent times, will want to send a strong message to the All Blacks that they have a high level of expectation of their behaviour.

"And Aaron clearly didn't meet it." Key agreed that Smith needed to be held to account for his actions, but the punishment needed to be in proportion with his actions. But equally I suspect he'll be sitting back reflecting on the fact that he's let himself down...

"We're huge fans of the game and we're disappointed that there have been a number of incidents which are impacting negatively on rugby's image.

"It's a game which has given so much to New Zealand - and we're proud to be part of the success." A man wrote to the Herald saying that he was at the airport with his wife and young children when they saw Smith "sneak" into a wheelchair access bathroom with a young woman who was not his partner.

"Like many public facilities, we have disabled facilities.

"We don't condone inappropriate behaviour at our airport and we understand that matters are being dealt with between the All Blacks and the player concerned," a spokeswoman said.

He buttoned up his shirt and sat back down with his teammates and carried on smiling, chatting like nothing had happened." A South Island woman this morning denied she was the mystery female friend who left the disabled persons' toilet cubicle minutes after Smith.

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