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Prior to his arrest, The Press' attempts to contact Stair were unsuccessful.

Grown men say they cowered from the prophet while in his presence.

Radio time is the community's most expensive expenditure - and its lifeline, these former followers say.

Primitive plumbing in the form of buckets as toilets and haphazardly constructed live electrical cables are all over the farm, they say, and mobile homes and other structures are not up to building codes.

For years, Stair's non-denominational community has drawn national media attention, many times comparing his organization to a cult.

Alcohol, tobacco and profanity are not allowed in Stair's community.

All the while loud speakers blare his preaching, women prepare big, shared meals each day, do all the household chores and raise the children.

"No jewelry - all attire must be plain and simple, hiding any natural beauty.

No sugar, no TV - all entertainment is provided by the prophet and that consists of popcorn and ginger ale on Wednesday night and dessert on Friday night.

"It means, 'A group of people that have a strong leader who demands obedience and enthusiasm from his followers.' Well, I said, 'Then that's Christianity.' You've got a strong leader.

His name is Jesus Christ, and he demands, or asks, us to obey him.

"Fraternization is strictly forbidden between (the) opposite sexes.


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  7. Nonetheless, the refugee was sentenced on a slew of charges, including “inciting debauchery” and “solicitation to commit immoral acts in public.” The case comes amid a crackdown on the gay community in Egypt, and also recently on atheists, that has gone hand in hand with a wider campaign against all forms of dissent and diversity in a country gripped by rising nationalism and a militant insurgency.

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