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You see, after being happily married to my sweet farm boy for nearly 30 years, God whispered in my husband’s ear that it was time to come home to heaven.

And so you might say Steven left me for greener pastures. It’s just that starting over at the age of 48 was a really tough row to hoe for me.

I will openly admit here that in my new closet I have about five articles of Steven’s clothing, and five years after his death, I am ready to box them up and store them in the basement just in case I ever feel the need to revisit my past for a few minutes.

Family pictures are still very much present in my home and also in Mr. My feeling is that this is just a given since we both have families.

When I was just a girl, I loved to make a little game out of pulling petals off a daisy while reciting, “He loves me, he loves me not…” My version of the game always ended in “He loves me!

” Yes, I was a hopeless romantic even at the tender age of 10. Tess at age 19, the tables in the wedding reception hall were full of daisies freshly picked from the Tess family’s farm fields.

We both agree that for the rest of our lives they will hold a very special place in our hearts.

No one in either of our marriages ever asked for a separation or a divorce.Rather, it’s to 1) give you insight into the heart and mind of a widower so you can better understand his behavior and 2) help you decide for yourself if the widower you’re dating is ready to start a new life with you, or whether he’s just looking to fill the hole in his heart.As a widower who has since remarried, I’ve seen too many men (myself included) start dating before they’re emotionally ready to make serious commitments to the women they claim to love.The good news is that there are many widowers out there who are ready to make room in their heart for another person.As I write this, I’ve been married to Julianna for eight years.That meant I was forced to confront the closet and personal belongings head on.


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