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And purely beneficial mutations have been observed, even in humans. You think it has anything to do with the origin of life, let alone the origins of the universe.

Just ask the handful of villagers at Limone sul Garda, Italy, who possess a rare protein mutation that shields them from cardiovascular disease. This is like the king of all straw men, and it’s extremely common.

And I’ve found that the same is often true of anti-evolutionists — in my experience, anyway.

radiometric dating relies on the constant rate of decay of-20

There is very little that fit the former criteria, but evolution absolutely fits the latter.

As a side note, I do get a chuckle from YECs who claim evolution isn’t scientific because it isn’t observable or repeatable.

When I’m talking with atheists or agnostics who are passionately against any and all religion, I sometimes find that they have inaccurate (or just plain wrong) ideas about the teachings of the Bible, the nature of the Christian faith and the qualities of the God I believe in.

In other words, some of those whom I’ve encountered have a poor understanding of the very thing they think they oppose.

Making viable conclusions based on inferences from the available evidence is not at all unscientific, and it is this reasoning that has compelled us toward the theory of evolution.

Interestingly, evolution observable and repeatable in the sense that scientists can make and test predictions of the theory, and this is exactly what they have been doing for more than a century.Hypotheses guesses; they are subject to experimentation, and they have no hope of progressing beyond the hypothesis “stage,” unless they are supported by experimentation.Theories are hypotheses that have “graduated”; they are comprehensive , created to explain facts like “When I drop something, it falls down.” Gravity is, in fact, “only a theory,” just like evolution.We have often and repeatedly found exactly what the theory of evolution predicted we would find, in the time period in which the theory predicted we would find it. You think macroevolution is an inherently different process than microevolution.At its core, “macroevolution” is simply the steady accumulation of the small changes we observe in “microevolution.” It seems any sane person must admit that, if small changes changes. This is another one of those incredibly common and completely untrue statements that nothing more than a few minutes’ research on the Internet could have corrected.But that doesn’t seem to make people any less nervous around heights. You think acceptance of evolution is the same as religious faith.

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