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I tried every permutation I could come up with: credentials set and server in the group, no credentials server in the group, only credentials set, only credentials set and user in the group, etc.Also I tried setting the variable Open ACLOn Proxy Updates to 1 (seems to default to 0 in Windows Server 2012, as opposed to Server 2008) dnscmd /config /Open ACLOn Proxy Updates 1 No luck so far.

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I read that all it takes is to put every DHCP server into the Dnsupdateproxy group.

This should, according to Microsoft documentation, set every new A-record created by the DHCP server to have no owner.

If a client registers an A record, a PTR is not been created, or updated. I have two DNS running on Windows server 2003 and one running on Windows server 2008R2. This is how the reverse lookup zones look under dnsmgmt on the Windows 2003 servers: This is how they look on the Windows 2008 server: Is there a well known operation problem with having mixed DNS servers (20)?

Even if I go to the client created A record, un-check the "Update associated pointer (PTR) record", apply, check it back, apply and OK. This is driving me crazy, as all PTR were been updated fine until very recently.

Windows domain, domain and forest functional levels at Windows Server 2003. DHCP running on Linux, it is not set the update DNS, clients do. If I manually create an A record, a corresponding PTR is properly created.

Dynamic updates on DNS zones are set to "Secure Only".

If you are working with, well almost anything network intensive these days, like Antivirus or management tools, your Reverse DNS (r DNS) lookups need to be in good shape.

If you find that you can not resolve IP’s back to a name on your network check your DNS REVERSE LOOKUP ZONE.

As a matter of fact, some clients are still successfully updating the PTR, while the majority is not. When using DHCP, by default (some/most/all) Windows OS's expect the DHCP server to register the DNS name.

If your DHCP server is not doing that, do the following on the client so it will make its own DNS registrations.

Every A-record created by the DHCP server is read-only for every client.

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