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Also, why even have the capability of changing a song's star-rating from your i Pod if the ratings are going to change back into whatever they are in i Tunes when you synch?Like I said, either there's something really obvious that I did wrong, or there's a really obvious and logical explanation why this can't be done.

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Play count not updating itunes 11

Copy and paste them into a text file or something so you can put them in your current library next.

This is the tricky part, so back up your files before editing them. One way to correct the wrong playcount is to open a previous Itunes library and adjust the playcounts manually.

Play Count only updates if you have automatic updates turned on.

Furthermore, if you edit a song in i Tunes (by changing any of the tags or playing it, increasing its play count) before syncing your i Pod, the i Pod won't update the count for that song, as the version on the computer is considered more recent. with it turned on, the songs you played on the i Pod should be updated when you sync.

I haven't verified that there's absolutely no data loss with this method, but my library appeared fully intact when I tested it with i Tunes 11 on OS X 10.8. You could load the old library (which in my case is pretty similar to the new one, since it is only 1 month old) and manually adjust the playcounts (by playing the songs an extra number of times) and also manually adjust newly added songs etc.

Of course, you could also just use the old library to identify wrong play counts and adjust them in the new library. Hold down SHIFT while you open Itunes (first press SHIFT, keep holding it down, then open Itunes).I thought might be happening, but just confirmed it.Rated a song on the i Pod - connected to i Tunes to update and the rating is gone.I envy Mac owners as they have wonderful Applescript collections to manage i Tunes.I found the awesome Liquid Parallax scripts but didn’t like manually editing the javascript file to set the new play count.Itunes will ask you which Itunes library you want to open, click “Choose Library”, then click the folder “Previous Itunes Libraries”.


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