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The Netherlands is becoming a popular choice for UK students, thanks to its low tuition fees and its close proximity (it's a 45-minute plane journey from London).

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As always, men and women are as different as Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, and our study proves no exception.

Men didn’t seem too hot for the women holding professional or other higher degrees; in fact, they preferred ladies who only have their bachelor’s degree!!!

Plus, due to its geographic location, the Czech Republic is at the crossroads of many cultures with a strong Jewish, Slavonic and German influence.

Here at CMB, we know that our users are intelligent — you’re smart enough to have chosen us after all!

If you study in Europe, you'll gain all the skills you need for the global economy.

Study and learn with students from all corners of the world, discover a new language, and develop your independence at a university in Europe.

Full-time studies in the Polish language are free of charge for EU students, though you may also need to sit the same entrance exams as locals.

Average annual tuition fees are €160 for most undergraduate programs at public universities and €217 for master's programs. Like most cities, living expenses are higher in the capital, but for many it's worth the cost - Paris has been named the world's number one student city four times in a row.

Perhaps a less obvious choice, Poland is still one to consider.


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