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The pseudo-relationship ends either before Valentine’s Day or when it’s warm enough to leave your house without a jacket. This is a system that allows someone to judge his or her crush and give that person a number rating.The digit is then used to decide if that person is out of your league or if you’re dating too far down the cute-a-gory scale.

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— The One That Got Away A person you’ve either and have since inaccurately romanticized what life with this person would be like.

— Intentional A buzz word used in the Christian dating scene when a guy goes on a first date with a girl to see if she is the one he could spend the rest of his life with.

It usually starts with a question similar to, “Are you seeing other people?

” After this conversation, your relationship will take on one of the following states: over, open, or exclusive.

— #MCM – While its origins are unknown, this is a hashtag used by females as an excuse to post photos of their love interests on social media to remind their friends that they’re still in a relationship, just in case you missed the Facebook update.

— #WCW – Origins unknown, likely birthed after #mcm.

Ironically, this hashtag is also largely used by females.

Usually these posts are by bitter single females wanting to remind men everywhere that they are – A condition where you pull out your phone every 10 minutes to see if your crush has text you back or if your scruffy Bagel has ‘liked’ you.

It is popular among long-distance couples or when one person has suffered a traumatic breakup.

These relationships are doomed for failure and not recommended.

cuffing season Everyone knows that winter can be the loneliest time of the year.


  1. "I am not paid to hide my true feelings," she said.

  2. Marriage is an important issue in the Christian life.

  3. Peninsular Malaysia makes up about 40 percent of the country's land, and is home to coastal plains and forested mountains.

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