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Perhaps the greatest treatise why matching people on similarity doesn’t necessarily work out was put forth by the great 1980’s social philosopher, Paula Abdul, in her critically acclaimed “Opposites Attract” Online Dating Does Not Lead To Better Outcomes My experiment through the online dating minefield began as a fight with e Harmony’s data scientist, over a blog post claiming that e Harmony marriages had a lower divorce rate than other common ways of finding a lifemate.According to e Harmony, matches had the lowest divorce rate compared to couples who met in school, through family, at church, through or at bar.As the researchers pointed out, humans really aren’t great at knowing how to predict who they’ll fall (and stay) in love with.

I did it to get some male "companionship" long-distance while I was trying to get over my divorce and a bad dating experience that followed the divorce.

That amount of time was all I needed to have grown tired of the lying, sexual overtones, and general pat answers to questions.

“They clearly do not have a representative sample of Americans.

It’s a highly motivated group of people who can afford their inflated prices, have computer access, etc.

It’s Just Lunch paired me with the absolute worst and one of the best dates I had experienced (I have never had a date physically run out on me before).

So, despite my less-than-stellar experience with online dating, I’ll probably continue with an all-of-the-above approach.It’s a funny assumption, because even the bleeding edge of social science, which arguably has access to a lot more accurate data than e Harmony, is really quite bad at predicting human behavior.The normally poor state of social forecasting is compounded by the fact that individuals, in general, are terrible at knowing what they want in a significant other.Even though I was only tied in to Christian sites, the guys were a bit dicey in their motivations..that they were less obvious on the Christian sites. He said that he'd come see me, but his circumstances were different because he was taking a lot of risk coming. That meant a lot: 4 bus changes, 36 straight hours to cover 1300 miles!Yes, there were some good guys on it, but the pickings were few and far between. Right during August when I was done with the soap-opera of the on line dating game, I met my hubby. That is because he is a paraplegic/stroke victim, and as such, is very vulnerable and easy to harm. I figured, if that guy had enough guts to risk life and limb to come see me, then he was most certainly worth my time. The internet dating thing has more pitfalls than good points.“As reliable as personality traits have been as predictors of romantic outcomes,” even the best predictor “generally accounts for less than 5% of the variance in relationship satisfaction over time.” So what predict success? Those who can weather a relationship storm–and emerge closer–are the ones that last.


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  5. Are you concerned the person you (or a friend/family member) are speaking to online may be a romance scammer?

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