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Even our religion teaches to cover up sins of others and not make them public. I pray that Almighty make him stronger of a person from all the haters hate. every individual is different and should be accountable for his/her actions only.. Instead, all those Pakistani origin youth who were born and bred in the Western world, should be considered as same......" And Pakistani raised kids roam around their prayer rugs and beads?On another note all those who say its the western way and he is British, please knownif you dont know already that similar practices are prevalent within our society these days and not just among the elite class but also at the middle/ lower class level. People have a private life and a public persona and this is true for everyone irrespective of their geography.

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This is the way of Western high profile life and we should not identify it with our own norms.

Instead, all those Pakistani origin youth who were born and bred in the Western world, should be considered as same, unless proven otherwise.

Most of the young generation do such acts aswel and think its normal.

Just imagine you doing such a thing and next thing your exposed and everybody knows, how would you be feeling?

There seems to be no break in sight for the Khans as the boxer finds himself embroiled in another controversy.

In the video Amir is seen Skyping with a former girlfriend and US model whom he romantically linked with in 2010 -- prior to his marriage to Faryal Makhdoom.

And now the people from land of the pure are criticizing him for his 'wayward western high profile life'. Khan as raised loads of money for charities in Pakistan , so the good comes with the bad. Who cares that's his life and most of haters can't match 1 percent of what he has done for Pakistani kids in Pakistan and abroad.

Hypocrisy and selfishness 2017 - On your shoulders when standing tall. He is not a Pakistani but born to an immigrant Pakistani family. Problem with Pakistani public is that any Muslim in western world who does something good becomes their own. Now this person, Amir is a boxxer and not an intellectual. When this guy was knocking out his opponents people in Pakistan were quick to adopt him as one of their own. Having said that I'll still put him in higher esteem than 99% of politicians and the people who vote for them It was inevitable. As we have kept separate religion and office lives, in the same way, keep separate personal matters and social matters. This is unfortunate but we should not poke our nose in others matters. Love to amir khan he has grown from that stage, some low-life are trying to bring his teen age year/early 20's naive youth to make champ look bad, but worry not time will judge this man as a great Pak British Amazing person. @Thoroughthinker i dont think all western raised youths deserved to be looked in a lens where all are spoilt brets.. Meet our future prime minister in 20 years time , Amir Khan. He would say I was never an angel His party would be very popular amongst even religious people because people will forget about this video and remind us that he was no angel and he made Pakistani proud by winning world title. @Thoroughthinker "This is the way of Western high profile life and we should not identify it with our own norms.

In coming couple of years, if he does n't climb the ladder in the world of boxing, this video will be selling on the side walk for nickl and dime ,no one will buy it.

Why do we always have to poke our noses in others' personal matters (such as his family life and now this thing)?

Just imagine you doing such an act and next thing your exposed&everybody knows, how would you be feeling?


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