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While the Internet can be a great source of revenue for companies, it can also pose additional risk – simply because online and face-to-face transactions must be validated in different ways.The importance of verifying an individual's age cannot be understated when it comes to the sale of products that are intended only for adult consumption.

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If it's a site, like for a liquor company, that needs to see your age they'll just ask you from their home page to either enter your birthdate or click on a box saying "I confirm that I am over 21 years of age" - you don't ever go to a third party site If you are asked to click on some link to a site that needs your credit card number to "verify" your age - it's ALWAYS a scam, no exceptions.

These are scams mainly on online dating/webcam sites that are nothing but scams to max out your credit card number. There is NOTHING in a credit card number that can verify anyone's age - that's why you can't use a credit card as proof to buy alcohol in stores or get into bars. "This is also known as the craigslist age verification scam.

Companies cannot afford to make a mistake when selling such products.

Equally important, when creating an online community – such as a dating or dieting site – companies must ensure that the web site's users are legally able to access those services, in order to protect the audiences served by such sites.

Its one of the most popular methods being used at this time to make money off of singles.

The age verification scam is used for more then just escort type ads.

Failure to do so not only breaks the law, leading to sanctions, heavy fines and loss of trade, it can also result in significant reputational damage.

Callcredit provides a complete online solution for Age Verification by checking the age and identity of your customers swiftly and with confidence.

Protect your business and your customers with online age verification from Callcredit.

Using a comprehensive range of datasets, Callcredit's age verification system can confirm customer details are correct by referring to sources like the full Electoral Roll, passport information and the Directors at Home database to provide prompt authorisation.

Spousal abuse, murder, domestic violence, assault, arson, rape, child molestation, assault with a deadly weapon, battery against the elderly forgery, counterfeiting, violent crimes, catfishing, spamming, fake profiles Vali DATE was started by three entrepreneurs with over 50 combined years of military, law enforcement and private investigative backgrounds.

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