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But don’t hold it against your grannies – the first reports of the club originated around 1916. Just like the average Friday night for most men, the survey also conveyed that 40% of male passengers said they had tried…and failed, next to the 23% failure rate of women.

There will always be those few that have never heard of something: 24% of South Africans had never heard of the Mile High Club, and 42% of women and 32% of men just said it wasn’t their cup of tea.

The “rule of 3” applies to most things and we are pretty sure that there are some overstating males and some not so prudish “ladies” that fibbed a little.

So watch out, next time you get on your flight, you’ll have more than just a little turbulence and crying baby to worry about.

Travelstart suggests that a “contributing factor is that the flight route between Johannesburg and Cape Town is now one of the 10 busiest in the world.

This could mean an increase in the number of ‘flings’ experienced by single passengers travelling for business.” Data analysts involved in the survey say that the results may be a tad skewed.

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Of course, they have upgrade options as well, but the free site if pretty solid.

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Many sites say that they are “free” but then you need to pay to do anything substantial that would actually lead to a date.

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