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25, just two days after sources told Us Weekly that they will be expecting a girl this July.

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Michelle told Vulture: "He is one of the best actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

I loved every minute of working with him."We also laugh a lot.

The second is the fact that many people feel a false sense of being protected…

As if a couple millimeters of fabric are enough to ward off any ill intentions by others. She made an interesting comment that for her, seeing Chuck naked for the first time was the scariest aspect because she didn’t know what to expect.

As the two were sent to get naked for the very first time, we get to hear their thoughts about what they are about to do – Get Naked!

While getting naked, Chuck made an interesting observation and said that he was nervous.(function() { var a=this;var b,c,d,e,f;function g()f=e=d=c=b=! 1;var h;if(h=g())var j=c,k=f,l=d,m=e;var n;if(b&&a.opera)else k? n=/MSIE\s ([^\);] )(\)|;)/:l&&(n=/Web Kit\/(\S )/),n&&n.exec(g());var p=document,q=p.create Element("link");q.rel="stylesheet";q.type="text/css";q.href=" (m?Letty was attempting to distract Juan's character Javier from committing a murder by seducing him.The scene began with Letty, wearing a blonde wig, chatting to Javier in a lift. I'm not a blonde."After pulling off her wig, she said: "Are you mad?PHOTOS: Why Kim and Kanye are the perfect match But the star wasn't always so showy about her relationship with the rapper.


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