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If not learned in childhood, the lack of this skill may make many relationships unnecessarily difficult.

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Middle school children have some unique social challenges, and as they pull away from parental and family influences, they may be particularly vulnerable to social challenges like dealing with cliques, being socially isolated, and learning the ever-changing rules of social networking.

Children who have not mastered the social skills expected of them at an earlier age, will have compounded problems as they navigate the difficult waters of becoming a teenager.

If children are having difficulty in reading social cues they may find it hard to know when to say the right thing or how to say it.

Carrying on a conversation is like a dance, requiring a good sense of timing and the ability to both lead and follow.

While it is present in school children of all ages, bullying and teasing tends to peak during the middle school years.

While some children seem to be naturally compassionate throughout their development, many others can seem indifferent to their classmates and even mean.

Greetings set the stage for inter-personal interaction.

When children have difficulty with greetings, they send a clear message that they will have difficulty in other social situations.

Problems with anger management can be very detrimental to a child’s social development.


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