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Prostitution is already illegal in Indonesia, and yet it is widespread.Wouldn't it be better if the government was to organize it, or at least to provide a safe environment for the girls, away from the gangs and with regular visits from doctors?

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It is located near Best Western Hariston Hotel, in Grogol, along the Ciliwung River.

If you are on the toll road coming from the airport to the city center, you can actually spot it: There are maybe a hundred bars, discos and cafés lighted up with bright neon signs and with large advertising for Panther Stout or Bali Hai beers. It had been raining all day and the traffic near Taman Anggrek was horrible.

From articles I've read, the price for such transaction can be as low as 20,000rp.

There is always a pimp waiting on a motorcycle nearby.

Apparently it is packed on Saturday night with hundreds of people from all background, rich or poor, Indonesian or Chinese (very very few foreigners though).

The first thing that struck me is that the area retains a sort of common, day-to-day life.The fee was uncommonly high at 20,000rp: We tried to negotiate but the man told us: "If you want to be safe, you have to pay". A few meters later, I tried to take my camera out of my bag, but someone came at me angrily and asked me to put it back.I was there with my work clothes and a Macbook so it was not the best time to get into problems.This might be the lowest form of prostitution in Jakarta: The client pays for his drinks and can then enjoy time with the girl, from touching until a full sexual act.In this case they will go a bit further away from the crowd.The street is hardcore, like I have rarely seen before: "Preman" (gang members) are everywhere.


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