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The United States controlled the territory south of this parallel.

The Soviets established Kim Il Sung as the leading Communist figure in North Korea.

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J., met with the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-Il.

Through their talks, a handful of families that had not had contact in over 50 years were finally able to meet, the North and South Korean Olympic teams walked together as one team under a flag that showed a map of the two countries together (though they competed separately) during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, and President Kim Tae-Jung won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The teenagers of Korea have a life different from their parents in that they are now learning to live with the optimism and the reality of these dreams, although their relatives have been waiting through it for over 50 years.

The situation at the beginning of the 21 century is still far from perfect.

The border between South and North Korea is still closed, and North Korea remains one of the most isolated and secretive nations on Earth.

Furthermore, due to the US military presence in South Korea, US citizens are rarely permitted into North Korea.As a result, when babies are born, they are automatically classified as “one year old.” They then turn “two years old” on January 1 of the following year.As a result, children born in the last week of December are considered by Korean tradition to be two years old only one week after their birth.As a result, while teenagers view the future of their country with optimism, it is a guarded and deliberate optimism.Most people in South Korea, including teenagers, will tell you that it is wiser to reunify slowly, as recommended by President Kim’s Sunshine Policy, rather than quickly, so that the two countries can get used to each other’s philosophies and so that the economic strain on the event isn’t so strenuous. Some South Korean relatives of North Korean families may now travel to North Korea, a new North Korean mountain resort run by the South Korean Hyundai car company now operates regularly, and there are plans to develop a train between the capitals of the two countries—Seoul and Pyongyang.Sometimes, though, a map comes on showing a combination the entire peninsula, thereby giving temperatures of towns and cities in what we usually think of as two countries: South Korea and North Korea.

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