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“I have been working many hours with students one-on-one to help them get internships that can ultimately help them get their dream job after graduation.

One of our students landed an internship with the FBI, which is very hard to get, and it appears they want to hire him when he graduates.

“Since my first book got a great deal of media attention, I was able to reach that goal for that book.

I want the same to happen for my second book when it is released.

I want to help more students have the kind of experience that student had.” In the future, although her second book is not yet published, Bogle is already thinking ahead.

Bogle is considering doing a research project on marriage.

The book is currently at New York University Press and is scheduled to be released later this year or early 2014.

Bogle says her first and second books are greatly connected in multiple ways.Although different from one another, Bogle says all of her areas of research overlap.“I analyzed gender differences in the campus hookup culture.She says both books analyze American youth behavior and examine distorted perceptions.She explains, “In , there is a chapter on how college students often have distorted perceptions on what their classmates are doing in the realm of sex and dating.” While in her new book she says, “The final chapter analyzes how urban legends and other stories on teens compare to what research shows about teen sexual behavior and relationships in the U. and other English speaking countries.” Bogle hopes that her research will go beyond the academic level and reach the general public.“I think it is important for faculty to be engaged in research because it enhances what they do in the classroom.

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