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To correctly calculate the measures you will need to use version 3 compliant data.

In order to have that great punch line a bit of seriousness had to brought in.

Last year, a print magazine held a high profile engine building challenge and invited all the big tuning houses to compete.

What Bisi built was, in his eyes, the most powerful street, small displacement Honda ever, with this 724whp and 500 ft/tq 1.6L single cam D16Z6!

Instead of slapping on a giant turbo and calling it a day, Bisi build the D16 like he would a naturally aspirated engines.

Inside the D16 head featured a Bisimoto Cam Gear, Bisimoto Springs and Titanium retainers, Bisimoto Level 3.6 camshaft, Supertech Stainless Steel intake valves, Supertech Inconel Exhaust valves and a Golden Eagle Head gasket.…which features a Turbonetics RG-45 waste gate and a Turbonetics Godzilla blow-off valve.

The challenge was for those tuning houses to build an engine that can produce the most horse power per liter in an streetable, unleaded fuel engine.

These 14 measures represent the best efforts by over 60 dedicated and very bright volunteers to develop a set of measures, for the very first time, that when finalized can be used nationwide to improve care and safety.

The measures have not yet been widely tested to assure their reliability and validity with the newly implemented NEMSIS version 3 standard data so we need your help!

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It was a build which infamous tuner, Bisimoto, took quite light heartily.

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