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However, when they were printed and we looked them over, we discovered–to our dismay–that the logo for our organization was printed upside down. After much discussion, we decided to reprint them even though we knew that the majority of the women would not even notice the mistake.

We wanted to influence leaders and we had to do things right, not only do the right things. Strive for excellence and you will motivate others to do the same. Be persistent Mother Teresa was a determined woman. The key to being a good leader is endurance–being a non-quitter. One journalist wrote of Mother Teresa: “When I met Mother Teresa, I discovered she was very tiny–less than five feet tall–and kept her head cocked to one side.

Set short and long term goals, and evaluate two or three times a year to see how you are doing.

The world is looking for honest and upright leaders.

Thankfully there are more women in leadership now than when I first began taking on leadership responsibilities.

Number one in business is get the best person for the job. Number three, supervise–go back and see that they did it.” In order to be effective, you need a team to work with. A person who can see the big picture and take risks? When you have that team, meet with them regularly and have a purpose statement that you work toward.

We lead on the basis of our strengths; we gather our team on the basis of their strengths. Review it often with your staff so you don’t lose your focus.

Everything from giving excuses for our behaviour, to saying things like, “I hate to bother you . It is incredibly important that we have a strong code of ethics to base our decisions and lifestyle on.

What set of values dictate your ethics–your behaviour? Do you have convictions that cause you to say, “I will never do that” or “For me, that is not an option?It is said that we all influence at least 250 people in our lifetime. At home it can be organizing our children to clean the house or, more important, instilling values and morals into their lives. Yet results of surveys show that most women greatly underestimate their influence.Being in leadership roles for more than thirty years–with greater and lesser responsibilities–I have learned a great deal about good leadership. “A leader is a person who influences people to accomplish a purpose.” How do you become a leader?“A leader correctly assesses a situation and knows how to take the next step.” Whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not, you’re a leader–an influencer. The following nine principles will help you make the most of your influence: 1.As leaders, we have to be responsible, no matter how painful it is. We can easily fall into waiting for someone else to solve our problems. If you know you are doing what is right, you won’t cave in when the going gets tough.

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