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After appearing in Internet forums, the mask became a well-known symbol for the online hacktivist group Anonymous, used in Project Chanology, the Occupy movement, and other anti-government and anti-establishment protests around the world.

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was commemorated from early on by burning effigies of unpopular figures.

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When developing the story, illustrator David Lloyd made a handwritten note: "Why don't we portray him as a resurrected Guy Fawkes, complete with one of those papier-mâché masks, in a cape and a conical hat?

He'd look really bizarre and it would give Guy Fawkes the image he's deserved all these years. 5th but celebrate his attempt to blow up Parliament!

Commuters lodged 228 formal complaints about authorised officers' conduct with the Public Transport Ombudsman in 2015-16, up from 198 the previous year, including 50 describing an inspector as "intimidating".

Passengers who thought they had a valid Myki said inspectors also made them feel humiliated and upset, and in some cases threatened to arrest them.

We knew that V was going to be an escapee from a concentration camp where he had been subjected to medical experiments but then I had the idea that in his craziness he would decide to adopt the persona and mission of Guy Fawkes – our great historical revolutionary.

According to Time in 2011, the protesters' adoption of the mask had led to it becoming the top-selling mask on, selling hundreds of thousands a year.

The Guy Fawkes mask is a stylised depiction of Guy Fawkes, the best-known member of the Gunpowder Plot.

The plot was an attempt to blow up the House of Lords in London on 5 November 1605, in order to restore a Catholic head of state.

For reasons that have never been explained, it was increasingly shown as wearing a V for Vendetta "Guy Fawkes" mask (though this is likely a reference to the fact that Guy Fawkes failed to complete the gunpowder treason).

On April 17 2006 a pair of rival groups wearing Fawkes masks confronted each other outside the New York City offices of Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

In future, Ms Jennings said she was expecting an increase in the number of complaints about the disruption caused by major infrastructure projects including railway level crossing removals and the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.


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