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Anna grew up in the town of Nikolaev, Ukraine, as Anna Astafieva.

She has four generations of family there and openly declares that she would not have left if she could have found a faithful, family oriented man in her home town.

In the years that followed their introduction Mark wrote a book and they have both been featured on cable TV shows, The TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, and more.

Sadly, the producer told us before the show they had not planned on having anyone on with a positive story," said Davis.

Mark Edward Davis, owner of European Dream Connections, met his wife Anna in Ukraine on a romance tour, and was so impacted by the untold true story about Ukrainian women vastly outnumbering local men he wrote a tell-all book for Western men seeking a unique, more traditional male/female love relationship they are unlikely to find at home.

Law met his wife in Nikolaev, Ukraine in 2010 and today they have two children together.

Law has continued to contribute his talents and passions to Dream Connections.

Mark and Anna now work together to help good men from the West meet sincere women from Ukraine – and aggressively combat the mail order bride stereotype myths. Mark and Law had been friends long before Law met his wife.

The two worked on a blog site called “International Dating For Men” and later created a framework for educational packages.

Putting a morbidly obese 60-plus-year-old self-described 'victim' and a man even Dr.

Phil classified as in the top .01% of all the control freaks he'd met on as examples of international romance guaranteed an epic fail.

“We know that these trips cost money and take time away from careers.

It just makes sense to create a system that maximizes that opportunity to make lasting connections.

After he and Anna appeared on The Today Show where Matt Lauer insinuated that Ukraine brides were "high class prostitutes" Davis was so furious he decided to give his book away free on his website European Dream


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