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A third and fourth series have been commissioned, and are due to air in 20 respectively.The first episode of series 3 was a Christmas special, "The Devil of Christmas", which aired on 27 December 2016. 9 as a whole has been very well received by critics, who have praised the humour and creativity of the scripts, as well as the talent of the featured actors.Commentators have described it as "never less-than-captivating" offering particularly strong praise for "A Quiet Night In" and "The 12 Days of Christine". 9 won the Sketch and Comedy prize at the 35th annual Banff World Media Festival Rockie Awards, and won the comedy prize at the 2016 Rose d'Or ceremony.

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"Nana's Party" involves family secrets being revealed during a grandmother's birthday party.

The final episode, "Séance Time", begins with a young woman visiting a medium.

9 from "David and Maureen", episode 4 of the first series of Psychoville, which was in turn inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rope.

This episode took place entirely in a single room, and was filmed in only two shots. 9 was a "reaction" to Psychoville, with Shearsmith saying that the two of them had "been so involved with labyrinthine over-arcing, we thought it would be nice to do six different stories with a complete new house of people each week.

"The Trial of Elizabeth Gadge" is a period piece concerning a witch trial in a 17th-century village.

"Cold Comfort" follows a number of characters working at a crisis hotline call centre.

Each half-hour episode is a self-contained story with new characters and a new setting, and all star at least one (usually both) of Pemberton and Shearsmith.

Aside from the writers, each episode has a new cast, allowing Inside No. The stories are linked only by the fact that each takes place at a number 9, with settings including a suburban house, a gothic mansion and a barn.

This episode was, in turn, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's Rope. 9 was also a reaction to Psychoville, which featured a long overarching story realised over multiple series.


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