Infopath validating event c

You can use Rules if you want to check the value of a field when another field changes or when a button is clicked.

I was just in the middle of writing a validating event handler for the table which would set a validation variable to either true or false but I realised that the main data source is read-only on validating and changed events.

How would I go about checking that something has been ticked in the repeating table before the form is submitted?

1) Build an XPath expression that will evaluate whether or not one of your checkboxes has been selected.

Than add a hidden node to your form (one not bound to a control in thew view), and add this validation property to it.

2) Continue writing your event handler, to cancel the submit event after running your custom validation logic in code.

data is data that has an exptected format or is of an expected type.Case Study #1 : Put more than one test in a statement. This differs depending on if you are checking the current field or a different field.In this case, State is the selected field, so we can enter the validation like this: If you OK this and then come back to it, Info Path will automatically break out the last 4 tests into separate statements.Essentially each one lists a load of strings with checkboxes next to them.When the user clicks submit I want to ensure that at least one checkbox per repeating table has been ticked.Similarly, you could write code in the Changed event of a field or the Clicked event of a button to check the value of a field.

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