who is shawn pyfrom dating - Gethibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

Hibernate version: 3.1.2 Name and version of the database you are using: Oracle When I unplug my ethernet cable to simulate a network problem or the database going down, my application hangs for 2-5 minutes on the call to Spring get Hibernate Template().

I can see in the debugger than the thread is in the wait state in SQL code to obtain the ...

Because of the trigger usage, I want to return a refreshed version of each object following a save or update to get any changes that may have resulted from a trigger firing.

I've searched for the better part of two days and still haven't found a solution. The project I am on uses a SQL Server 2005 database.

The data model is very large and complex and makes heavy usage of triggers throughout in order to store historical data, etc.

Code: public long get User Count() { return (Long) get Hibernate Template().iterate("select count(*) from User").next(); ...

Friends, Can anyone tell me that using session = get Hibernate Template()Session Factory()Session() is thread safe?

Now I my question is I have say one string with comma separated id ...

In my application, I had a case where I needed to count no. So for doing this in my DAO Implementation I used the below code at first: 1.Can you please suggest on the above issue and how to ... I'm running a simple unit test for testing DAO operations.The test looks like so: Code: @Run With(Spring JUnit4Class Runner.class) @Context Configuration(locations=) @Transaction Configuration(transaction Manager="tx Manager") @Transactional public class Booking Dao Test { @Autowired private Booking Dao dao; private Booking test Booking; @Before public void before Test() { ... I have a problem with my composite keys and get Hibernate Template.get(xx.class, id) method.Hi all, I am having a problem while i am trying to delete a record with the help of get Hibernate Template(). It's the same problem with update and load methods too.....where as save and list methods are working fine in ...Hi Friends, I have class where I am trying to find the entity from list.

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