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Relevant umbrella associations and national (service) organisations Providers of Adult Education In Germany, it is estimated that there are approximately 25,000 continuing education institutions (2008).

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The “Sozialgesetzbuch” (Social Security Code) law regulates the subsidies for special training for those in unemployment.

Another law in the “Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz” (Upgrading Training Assistance Act) stipulates the financial aid for people who want to improve their vocational competencies and become a “Meister”.

Legal basis Due to the federal structure, there are different competencies for the various areas of education.

The federal government is responsible for vocational education “Berufsbildungsgesetz” (Vocational Training Act).

Only certain basic public provisions and otherwise market-based structures are in the public interest.

Private and publicly-funded adult education more or less form an interlinked coexistence.

Both concepts refer to the learning and educational processes that are taken up again after participation in first professional training. What is typical for Adult Education in the country?


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