Gerard butler is dating web speed dating

The only truth is that Butler did, in fact, pay for dinner that night.

The celebrity news site shares on the facts of the interaction between the stars.

Gerard thinks at his age he’s still not sure if marriage will ever be something he wants,” explained the friend. The heartbreaker’s list of alleged conquests include Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, and model Naomi Campbell. “Yet how long will Morgan stay content just being another lady on a star’s arm and in his bed – rather than becoming Mrs.

Perhaps the two are simply dating and working towards a more consistent relationship as a result.

Although Butler seems a bit of a playboy, he did manage a full-year relationship, and maybe this time Rita will be the one who gets Butler past the cold feet.

“He asked her to move into his house and then he gave her a $25,000 ring, but it didn’t come with a proposal.

That’s the furious flipflop going on in Gerard Butler‘s handsome head as he decides – and then changes his mind – to marry his gorgeous girlfriend Morgan Brown, who’s getting more and more frustrated by the minute!

[From Us Weekly] I love how Rita believes her own hype – I’m sure SO many guys were intimidated by Rita Ora until they realized that she wasn’t Rihanna.

Anyway, this just sounds like a hook-up to me, but since Rita is living full-time in LA now, maybe something more will happen between them.

‘They drank wine and she hugged him when he returned to the table from a break,’ an onlooker said.

Gerard paid the bill.'” Ora seems to be as well after ending a number of relationships in the recent past — two of which include those with Rob Kardashian, who is now linked to Blac Chyna, and D.

The 47-year-old actor was spotted on the film’s set on Tuesday (January 31) in Atlanta, GA.

The upcoming movie also stars 50 Cent and follows an elite crew of bank robbers as they set out to steal the 0 million cash that is taken out of circulation and destroyed by the Federal Reserve every day.

He was 45 at the time, and his then-girlfriend was 44-year-old Morgan Brown.

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