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It’s natural to want better sex with your partner and sometimes there are specific reasons for your difficulties. Sex Therapy can help you if you're experiencing difficulties in your love life and can help you to improve physical intimacy.Once you've made an appointment with your local Relate Centre, you'll be seen by a sex therapist who will listen sensitively to your description of the problem and gather further information from you to ensure that any suggested treatment meets your needs.

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Counseling services have been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Greeks, although at that time many of the emotional and mental problems were thought to be related to bad spirits.

It wasn't until the 15th century that doctors began to approach therapy from a purely scientific and psychological vantage point.

Or perhaps you're on vacation, home sick, or unable to attend a face-to-face meeting for another reason. Let’s get started How can you know if therapy is right for you?

Deciding to pursue therapeutic assistance can seem like a big step, but we're here to help you.

With online therapy, doctors can reach many more patients than before and patients can chose from doctors around the country before finding one that is qualified to address their specific concerns.

For example, a patient in a rural community with limited access to counseling offices can have some of their questions answered in an online session with a doctor even though they are thousands of miles apart.Or a doctor can assess a patient's emotional problems and recommend a traditional doctor in their area who can address their specific needs.Online therapy can also help patients who suffer from social problems that prevent them from effectively discussing their problems face to face.As technology opens doors, new therapy options are emerging for people who are always on the go: At Virtual Therapy Connect, we make it easy for people to connect with practitioners, securely, discreetly, and with confidence that their protected health information is safe.The benefits of registering for a free client account are obvious: Harness technology to interact via visual teleconference, even if your schedule changes or you’re on a business trip.While not constructed to take the place of traditional therapy, we here at feel that free online therapy may be a convenient and economical way to begin to address some of the needs of a potential therapy patient.


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