Etqw stats not updating backdating pension credit

Contact Activision Customer Support for assistance with issues not covered in the Knowledge Base.For support in regions other than North America, click here.The latest official game update for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars adds numerous improvements and fixes.

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Some servers are working but shit for people like me who have paid to run a server and not get anything from it.

I also got the same reply from EA "play on our servers", [email protected] that, I payed for a server, I should be able to play on it and run it how I want to, not rely on EA money grabbing gits, and they basically said "sorry your stats are gone" [email protected]

Like they said though it's happened before, that was a pain in the ass, hope this isn't it happening again.

If you remember though last time was when the 5 M*X guys took the highscores....

At the minute im not willing to play because I cant (shitty connection), but if I could I would be, stats or not.

I enjoy challenge other players give me, not the thought of getting another dozen gold stars or upping my KDR.Gamespy seems to be having stats accumulation problem and nothing is being recorded, now some have been on some servers, but it's been getting worse and will continue, all server providers are complaining about it now, so thats why it has been confirmed, I believe this has happend before and BF2 had 2 days down time last time it happend.So BEWARE your stats will probebly not be getting recorded, I will post an update when I recieve one from my provider RACKAGE........But no, let's just act like nothing is happening, sure, sure, nobody will notice that their stats are missing for 3 days now I lost 7 hours work on the 15th of July from this problem, and it's a pisser isn't it?I'm desperate to get my vehicle badges and some more command hours, so after playing 7 straight hours, earning easily 1000 points, (and with a great K/D ratio) I was furious to see nothing had turned up on my profile.LOL, I have been playing like junk lately so this worked out great.


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