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You can also find more recipes at: If you want some help with your eating habits, check out ‘How do you rate your diet?

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This diagram might help you to visualise the complexity of an eating problem: In this video Olivia, Shaista, Lilith and Dave talk talk about how living with eating problems has affected them.

Everything you want to know about eating disorders, causes and their treatment.

We may find it hard to eat if we’re feeling stressed, or eat comfort food if we feel unhappy.

Changing your eating habits every now and again like this is normal, and doesn’t need to worry you.

Food plays an important part in our lives, and most of us will spend time thinking about what we eat.

Our relationship with food often changes – sometimes we may try to eat more healthily, have cravings, eat too much or lose our appetite.

The information that you enter within the User's profile will be displayed within the "Info" tab within the viewer window of the recording.

What we eat every day has a big impact on our health – in fact, eating well is one of the most important things we can do to improve and help protect our health.

It also contains information for parents on what infants, children and adolescents need to help them grow and reach their full potential.

We have included a recipe section with tried and tested tasty recipes.

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