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My tip is to always search for properties managed by rental agencies instead of a one solo advertiser.Most of these agencies have multiple apartments so they do not have any personal security or checks like that.I went straight to the reception with the girl and asked them if they need the her ID. Called her straight up to my room, she came in on her own late at night and checked in with ID and had no issues. If I pickup at the club in park regis can I go straight to my room with the girl? So their policy can be sometimes depending the person. One Nigerian girl working in Panorama once pointed this hotel to me when I asked cheap girl friendly hotel. Nowadays you can bring girl in, if you have booked room to two, and girl have ID.

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Was a bit surprised when showed up around 5 am with an Iranian girl. I was staying here the past few days and had a girl over one night. Karama used to be one of my favourites hotels before. Then at some point their policy was quite red, but since guys in reception remembered me well and knew that I was regular customer, I was allowed to bring girls from any race. New Penninsula is in Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai, next to Al Gubaiba bus station and so also near Al Gubaiba metro station and Carrefour.

The only requirement from RBNB is that you have to register and get verified with at least your phone number and or plus a Photo ID or document like that.

You do not need to have your real name as user name I think.

Anyone have any experiences with bringing 2 girls to their room overnight?

Made the mistake of booking Radisson Blu in Deira the last time I was there.Considering I was staying 8th I had a long walk of shame along the restaurant, through the lobby, towards the elevator. Never had this in Majestic Tower at Mankool Road, where you book a upgraded room at the same rate probably.The girl was called back just meters away from the elevator and asked for her passport, after which they refused her entrance. Possibly you can get more discrete entrance through the parking lot as well but never tried. You could also have option to choose shared properties where you actually live with the owner. Last time I met one in LE Mer Airport and they required an ID, so I don't want to take two girls at a time.Some people try to get extra cash by renting out their 2 or 3 bedrooms. The second time I was in Grosvenor Marina, and being in Tower 1 I could just take the girl to the elevator without even passing reception or being asked anything, however I don't know if this would be possible with two girls at the same time. I remember at one point couple of years ago (or some years ago?

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