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With their announcement on July 17th, they have about 16 more days in this month left.

It is a heavy workload for them to reject all the petitions (minimum 200K packages) which is unnecessary work and cost enourmous amount of money. My lawer says: Your application has reached INS on July 2nd and upon the statement from USIC on July 17th, it will be accepted.1) Labor Substitution 2) Long EB3 queue and thus switching to EB2 3) Not geeting PBEC/DBEC labor approval for avg 4 to 6 years 4) I-140 approval queue 5) Name Check queue 6) Bogus multiple filings filing (To take a chance people pursue multiple filings. In general one valid filing and other is worked out for rainy days) 7) Vaild multiple filings ( Example: Husband and wife both on H1.

Did blake lively dating penn badgley

I understand that it may not be the right time since even now AILF is in the process of identifying a strategy and IV team may not have had time to detail this yet.

But, it would help if there is a sticky with this info,probably in the same sticky that pappu posted, URGENT IV Message: Lawsuit and other update, so everyone can understand the motivation and the action items for this.

Just by looking at Lively’s Preserve website, it seems to me that the twee Lively-Reynolds will be living a life of Mason jar baby bottles and hand-whittled toy ducklings. It’s a Pinterest-worthy life we can all covet, but of course I’m left wondering how exactly these two attractive blondes came to be a couple?

Exactly how did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively meet?

Also they will not invite another problem if the do not give sufficient time to the clients to file, what if someone receives the package Auguest 15. It looks like SCs have rejected some applications on the same day (July 2nd), those applicants should have already received them(on July 3rd or 4th). One file with husband as principal applicant and other is with Wife a principal applicant) 8) You have current PD but your RD is not current.

And when your RD becomes current PD does not remain current All have played their parts for keeping us at where we are right now. the issues involved are now deeply emotional and political.

I personally think there is a possible ambiguity in the request (especially since we are dealing with a government agency).

I agree with you that breakdown of quarter/month is probably not needed and might actually hurt our chances of getting the answer within reasonable amount of time. Even though its repetitive,for the sake of clarity and to avoid ambiguity/frivolous answer, I have updated the document in google docs and the attachment by one of our other member prabhu.

With all the baby buzz, not to mention cute maternity outfits, all eyes are on soon-to-be parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently.

The two are just so good-looking it seems almost unfair, and now they’re going to be ridiculously rad parents to a wee him or her in a few months.

Actually, all of the juicy gossip about their love lives leading up to their marriage is very much in the same vein as my favorite fictional societal blogger, Gossip Girl. Fans saw them sharing ice cream in the park and took pics with them, but the actors refused to be in the same photo.

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