Dating with pure passion

To focus too narrowly on his sexual lust would have caused us to lose the bigger picture of his battle with addictive desires.

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Changing it not only requires giving up something that has worked, to some degree, to fill our empty hearts, but it also necessitates embracing a God who invites us to experience what we deeply despise – brokenness, poverty, weakness, and dependency.

Even if the lust is destructive and life threatening it may be preferable to a God who calls us to love those who harm us and serve those who in fact are below us.

He was alternately victorious and then overwhelmed by his lustful desires.

His occasional lapses endangered his ministry and threatened his relationship with his family.

In many cases in Scripture, lust does refer to illicit sexual desire (1 Pet. Consequently, if we are not struggling with illicit sexual thoughts or behavior, we assume we are free from lust. The word in the New Testament that is translated “lust” means strong desire.

The word can be used to describe a legitimate, godly desire.

What exactly is lust, why is it so hard to change, and how can we deal with its power to shape our lives?

Most people have come to equate lust with sexual desire.

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Tiffany, now 19 years old has been pursuing school and fashion modeling, but lucky for us she is still an exhibitionist.

Likewise, a neighbor who can’t say no to her friend’s desire to go to a movie is equally imbalanced in her lust for acceptance.


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